1. courageous, valiant, valorous, heroic, heroical, hero-like, stout-hearted, lionhearted, iron-hearted, great-hearted; virile, manly, manful, gallant, chivalrous, chivalric; intrepid, fearless, dauntless, dreadless, aweless, nervy, Sl. gutsy, unafraid, unblenching, unblenched, undaunted, unalarmed, undismayed, unappalled; bold, bold-spirited, high-spirited, daring, dashing, adventurous; audacious, reckless, rash, foolhardy.
2. firm, resolute, resolved, determined, staunch, stanch, steadfast, stalwart, Archaic. stalworth, doughty, sturdy, hardy; indomitable, redoubtable, invincible, unconquerable, unyielding, unbending, unbowing, unshrinking, unfaltering, unhesitating, unswerving, unwavering, undeviating; mettlesome, plucky, gritty, game, red-blooded, spirited, Inf. spunky.
3. elegant, chic, smart, well-dressed, well-turned-out, dressed to kill, dressed to the teeth, dressed to the nines, Sl. all duded-up, Sl. all dressed up; natty, spruce, neat, sleek, trim; dapper, gay, rakish, jaunty, Scot, or North. Eng. braw; All Inf. posh, dressy, swank, swanky, ritzy; All Sl. classy, snazzy, sharp, nifty, spiffy, nobby, swell.
4. showy, ostentatious, gaudy, glittery, glittering, flash or flashy, flashing, flaunting, exhibitionistic, show-offish, Inf. show-offy.
5. soldier, warrior, fighter, fighting man, fearless or dauntless soldier, intrepid warrior, good soldier, man-of-arms, man-at-arms; lion, tiger, bulldog, gamecock, fighting cock; common soldier, cannon fodder, GI orG.I., GI Joe, U.S. Marine Sl. leatherneck, Brit.Tommy, Scot.Jock, Fr. poilu, Obs. doughboy.
6. hero, heroine, champion, paladin, knight; stalwart, gallant, valiant, cavalier, chevalier, a man, brave man, man of courage or mettle.
7. meet, face, brook, weather, sustain, undergo, endure, bear, suffer, Inf. take, Inf. stick, Inf. hang tough, Inf. hang in there; tolerate, stomach, abide, Archaic. bide, stand, stand for, put up with, bear with, Inf. lump it.
8. challenge, dare, outdare, Sl. double-dog-dare, defy, beard, brazen, outbrazen, look straight in the face or eye, throw down the gauntlet, show one's teeth, knock the chip off one's shoulder; confront, affront, front, encounter, oppose, stem, buffet, breast, stand up to or against, face up to, meet face to face, meet eyeball to eyeball, meet head-on, come face to face with, take the bull by the horns, bell the cat, Inf. bite the bullet, Inf. face the music

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